New 4 Week Program just released!

New 4 Week Program just released!

We've been quietly working away behind the scenes and we're happy to announce that we've launched a new program, 4 Week FB Strong.

This program is for those of us who really love lifting and all of it's many benefits. It's predominately strength training, with a short bout of HIIT roughly once a week (low impact options provided). This plan is excellent for building muscle, reducing body fat, improving metabolism, strength, coordination, and control over one's body. It can be used to reach a wide variety of different goals; to burn fat and lose weight or gain muscle/weight/mass. The end result is largely influenced by how you eat while you're going through the program. 

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The workouts range between 31-42 minutes and average out to under 37 minutes a day, which makes it ideal for those of us who love training but also lead busy lives. 

You guys have been requesting a new FB Mass for a long time now. This new 4 Week FB Strong Program is similar to FB Mass, but with an improved concept and all different workout videos. This program is going to be a great deal of fun to push through. I liked the title FB Strong better than FB Mass; I think it's much more positive and focused on the way working out makes you feel. 

Programs are what make our 500+ free workout videos and this entire website possible Thank you to everyone who has supported Fitness Blender with a program purchase, and thank you for trusting us with your workouts. We hope you thoroughly enjoy and benefit from this new program.


Kelli and Daniel