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HIIT Cardio and Upper Body Workout - Intense Total Body Workout

45 Min • Total Body, Upper Body
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    • Training Type HIIT, Strength Training, Toning
    • Equipment Dumbbell
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    Let’s be honest, some times traditional strength training routines can be boring…but they are still a great form of exercise that helps to build strength and size in a relatively short period of time. However, no matter how good a traditional strength workout may be for you, there are people that just won’t do them because they are just too slow and repetitive. So, instead of trying to make people like something they just never will, I decided to instead build a routine that has as many of the same benefits as a traditional strength routine, but try and make it more fun, while still being as effective as possible.

    This routine takes one of our typical strength routines and breaks it into three separate parts and then adds in three repeating HIIT segments to make sure you don’t get bored. But keeping your attention is only one of the benefits of this routine. By combining the strength and HIIT workouts together, we can get not only an increase in strength, but also turn that strength routine into a challenging, fat-burning cardiovascular workout as well.  We have built this routine with the HIIT section preceding each strength section, and each strength section utilizes easier movements to make this safer to perform as you become more tired. Because each HIIT section takes energy away from each strength section, you will most likely need to lower the amount of weight you typically use, but because you will be more tired, your muscles will fatigue more quickly, allowing you to get the muscle tear you want to build strength, with less weight.

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    We have limited each strength section to only two sets each of two antagonistic exercises but if you have the time and energy you can get more strength increase by adding in a third set for each exercise. Just be sure to pause the video to give yourself more time to finish that last set. Or you can drop to 8 repetitions (rather than the 10 repetitions we do in the video) and increase your weight slightly and you may not have to hit pause at all, just move more quickly between sets.

    Let us know if you like this style in the comments section below and if you want to see more upper body versions or ones that focus on lower body.

    Workout Structure:
    - 3 Groups of Upper Body Strength
         - 2 Sets of 10 Repetitions per exercise
         - 2 Exercises Per Group
    - 3 Groups of Total Body HIIT
         - 2 Sets 20 Seconds on and 10 Seconds Rest
         - 4 Exercises Per Group


    Warm Up: (5 Min; 30 Seconds Each)
    - Side Step Arm Cross
    - Sumo Squat with Side Reach
    - Toe Touch Sweeps
    - Toe Touch Kick L
    - Toe Touch Kick R
    - Squatting Push Pull
    - Lunging Rotations
    - Boxer Shuffle
    - Jumping Jacks
    - High Knee Pause

    HIIT Group: (4 Minutes; 20 On, 10 Off;  2 Sets Each)
    - Jumping Lunges
    - Mt. Climbers
    - Jab, Cross
    - Squat Jack Jump

    Upper Body Group 1: (~5 Minutes; 2 Sets of 10 Reps Each)
    - Chest Fly
    - Reverse Fly

    -- Water Break --

    HIIT Group: (4 Minutes; 20 On, 10 Rest)
    - Jumping Lunges
    - Mt. Climbers
    - Jab, Cross
    - Squat Jack Jump

    Upper Body Group 2: (~5 Minutes; 2 Sets of 10 Reps Each)
    - Front Raise
    - Dumbbell Pullover

    -- Water Break --

    HIIT Group: (4 Minutes; 20 On, 10 Rest)
    - Jumping Lunges
    - Mt. Climbers
    - Jab, Cross
    - Squat Jack Jump

    Upper Body Group 3: (~5 Minutes; 2 Sets of 10 Reps Each)
    - Tricep Kickback
    - Hammer Curl

    Cool Down: (5 Minutes; 30 Seconds Each)
    - Arm Cross + Inside Thigh L
    - Arm Cross + Inside Thigh R
    - Overhead Tricep Stretch L
    - Overhead Tricep Stretch R
    - Wall Chest Stretch L
    - Wall Chest Stretch R
    - Wall Shoulder Stretch
    - Toe Touch + Dorsal Arm Stretch
    - Quad Stretch L
    - Quad Stretch 

    Make sure to refuel after your workout: Best post workout meals and snacks and check out some great stats/trackers with FB Plus, that will help you visualize and track your progress.