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Fat Burning HIIT Workout - HIIT Cardio with Warm Up (with Low Impact Modifications)

17 Min • Lower Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT
    • Equipment No Equipment
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    Many people initially look at the length of quick HIIT videos and think that it’s “not enough” — but if you’re pushing yourself properly, you’re going to feel it and you won’t necessarily need more (and keep in mind that more training is not always better). Additionally, we love these short workouts because you can pair them with one of our strength routines and build your own custom workout each day.

    High intensity interval training uses short intervals to challenge and push your limits in a short amount of time; you should feel like you can’t go any further once you reach the end of that active interval, which is just 20 short seconds, by the way (though most of us would argue that those 20 seconds usually feel anything but short). These bursts of all out exertion are ironically the fastest way to improve your cardiovascular endurance. What that means is that you can technically get more out of these intense but abrupt workouts than you can from a longer duration, steady-state cardio workout. HIIT, like strength training, is a great example of working smarter, not harder.

    Workout Structure
    After a quick warm up, jump into the quick but brutal fat burning HIIT cardio. You won't need any equipment and we've provided modifications for limited space and low impact alternatives.
    5 Minute Cardio Warm Up
    10 Minute HIIT Workout
    High & low impact modifications provided
    No equipment

    Warm Up - 25 Seconds each
    1 Boxer Shuffle
    2 Butt Kicker Rows
    3 High Knee March
    4 Knee Pull Switches
    5 Overhead to Crossover Toe Touch
    6 Butt Kickers
    7 Squats
    8 Lunges
    9 Side Lunges
    10 Walkdowns
    11 Front Kick Touchdowns
    12 Jumping Jacks

    Printable HIIT Workout - 20 Seconds On, 10 Seconds Rest x 3 Each
    1 Kick Off Star Jack
    2 Static Squat + Step Back
    3 Pivot Burpee

    4 Broad Jump + Jump Squat
    5 Lateral Jump Lunge
    6 Side Lunge + 2 Center Jumps
    7 Jump Squat Knee Up 

    Moving onto another workout? Try adding one of these strength workouts onto this workout: 

    Suggested cool downs: