Workout Details

  • Duration: 45 Minutes
  • Calorie Burn: 333-508
  • Difficulty: 4/5
  • Equipment: Dumbbell, Kettlebell
  • Training Type: Kettlebell, Strength Training
  • Video Player: View on YouTube
Body Focus Total Body

45 Minute Total Body Kettlebell Workout - Fun and Tough Kettlebell Routine

For those of you that follow our work pretty closely, you will know that this is the first kettlebell workout video that we have put out in a while. Honestly, I had forgotten how much fun they are. Whether you are using a true kettlebell, or a dumbbell to do these exercises, they are just fun. They types of movements used just make me feel like a beast even if the movement is not that difficult or I’m not using that much weight…. Or is that just me? Ha. I think that the methodical and controlled nature of our more traditional style of strength training (though incredibly efficient at evenly building strength and muscle) can become a bit predictable - though that goes for any training style - which is why we always suggest weaving in many different types of training. We usually shy away from indulging in using momentum to assist a movement but it can be a fun departure to sling, swing, and pop a weight around utilizing a larger chain of muscles rather than focusing on isolating just one main driver.

Many kettlebell exercises are the exact opposite of what we strive for in traditional strength training. Instead of slow controlled movements focusing on form and consistent pace as with proper strength training and weight lifting, kettlebell training instead gives us an outlet for explosive movements utilizing momentum to “cheat” allowing us to use more weight then we would be capable of lifting if utilizing a slow and controlled approach. Think of it this way, when doing a chest press (a traditional strength exercise) you should aim to be able to stop at any point during that motion and be able to do a static hold there for at least a few seconds. But with the majority of kettlebell exercises (at least the really fun ones) there is really no point at which you can freeze the movement other than at the resting/starting point. For example, the kettlebell swing is probably the best known kettlebell exercise where you hold the handle with one or both hands, hinge at your hips, then pop them forward driving the kettlebell up to shoulder height then let the weight fall, “catching” it with your hips as you hinge back again either slowing the momentum to stop the motion or initiating another forward pop with your hips to keep the movement going. At no point (other than at the starting position) can you pause this motion because the momentum you have transferred into the weight will continue to carry the weight in the direction you guided it. So, in reality, many if not most kettlebell exercises are just an attempt to control, as best you can, a weight that is traveling under its own inertia (which makes these types of motions inherently more dangerous, so be careful).

So, whether you want to geek out on science talking about how they are great examples of Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion or, chalk it up to, “it’s fun to throw stuff around”, either way it is a great way to have some fun with exercise.

Give it a try and tell us if you like it and if you want to see more kettlebell workout videos in the future. Thanks for watching our videos and as always, if you enjoy our work, please help us out by telling your friends, family and coworkers about us. If you're looking for some support and motivation, check out the friendliest, most helpful fitness community on the web. Enjoy.

Workout Structure
- 4 Groups of 4 Exercises
- Tabata Intervals (30 On 10 Off)

- Kettlebell (or Dumbbells)

Warm Up / Cooldown
- Both Included

Printable Kettlebell Workout

Warm up: (5 min)
- Side Step Cross
- High Knee March Pulldowns
- Toe Touch Sweeps
- Torso Circles
- Ski Squat Ventral Raise
- Sumo Squat Lean
- Single Leg Arm Circles L&R
- Alternating Warrior Bend
- Boxer Shuffle

Group 1: (8 Min) Upper
- Halo
- Around the World

- Single Arm Row L
- Single Arm Row R

- Pop Press L
- Pop Press R

----- Water Break -----

Group 2: (8 Min) Lower
- Walking Squat
- Rotational Lunge

- Overhead Lunge L
- Overhead Lunge R

- Squat Push Pull
- Side Lunge Shift (stay low shift from R to L)

Group 3: (8 Min) Upper
- Clean and Press L
- Clean and Press R

- Snatch L
- Snatch R

- Single Arm Swing L
- SIngle Arm Swing R

----- Water Break -----

Group 4: (8 Min) Lower
- Kettlebell Swing
- Goblet Squat

- Turkish Get Up L
- Turkish Get Up R

- Straight Leg Deadlift
- Sumo Goblet Squat

Cooldown: (5 Min)
- Toe Touch
- Side Bend L
- Side Bend R
- Quad Stretch L
- Quad Stretch R
- Butterfly Stretch
- Cobra
- Shell
- Deep Glute Stretch
- Full Body Stretch