2 Week FB Mobility - Led by Doctors of Physical Therapy
FB Plus

Challenge Details

  • Length: 2 Weeks
  • Avg. Duration: 24 Minutes (15-35)
  • Days per Week: 5 + 1 Optional
  • Difficulty: 1-3
  • Body Focus: Total Body
  • Equipment: Mat
  • Training Type: Balance/Agility, Low Impact, Pilates, Strength Training, Toning, Stretching/Flexibility

2 Week FB Mobility - Led by Doctors of Physical Therapy


This 2 Week Mobility Challenge is made of FB Plus videos and led by Kayla and Amanda, two Doctors of Physical Therapy. With a focus on mobility, alignment, posture, corrective strength, and stretching moves, this total-body challenge will leave you feeling great from head to toe.

FB Mobility was designed by Kelli to help you improve coordination, balance, overall bodily control, agility, and more. This kind of foundational work is a great entry point for becoming more active and a solid way to take your fitness to the next level. Fine-tuning fundamentals with workouts like these can have a significant impact on athletic performance, strength, and power.

Because these workouts are on the shorter side — and not of a HIIT or heavy lifting nature — this challenge can compliment many of Fitness Blender’s more intense workout challenges and programs. Some of the workouts are of an add-on nature, so you could even fold them into your existing routine for a smarter, more fundamentals-oriented focus. The workouts in this challenge range between 15 and 35 minutes, averaging out to about 24 minutes per day. Note that some workouts in this challenge may need a separate warm up or cool down. 

Each day you'll have a different focus, and you may be surprised to find that many of these workouts can be challenging. Modifications are shown throughout the videos, and on many days, you'll have the choice between two different workouts, varying in exact length and intensity.

You don't necessarily need any equipment for this challenge, but here are a few optional things that may be helpful as you make your way through: an exercise mat, a yoga strap/towel/or tee-shirt, a resistance band. 

If you're hoping to improve your mobility with the expert guidance of two Doctors of Physical Therapy, this is the challenge for you!