#ScenicFBChallenge Day 5!


Happy Friday, friends!

Day 5 of the Scenic FB challenge, everyone! How are you all feeling? Are you feeling refreshed from yesterday’s yoga routines, and ready for today? It’s been a bit of a busy and hectic week, so yesterday felt really nice. I really liked the routines and scenery! I just wish I hadn’t done it so late, because that toning routine was actually a bit of work! All those lunge and reaches worked up a little sweat! I think it would be great right before dinner, or a little before bed; but it seemed like a bit much at eleven something. I just made some things work for me, like I switched out the walk down pushups, and modified the slow squats to a deep squat stretch and extend to a toe touch. I think the first one is my fav. I do that one all the time, and it feels really nice! But it all felt great, and I slept hard - haha! I feel ready for today! Day 4 complete!

So on to today. We have total body cardio/toning and some core. For our scenic background we’ve got a little bit of everything. Inside, the beach, (check out the dolphins at the end!) mountains and... lake? River? (Not sure where that is, but Kim said she knows!😄 Looks beautiful!) and some beautiful little falls amongst green, mossy rocks. Today’s workout should be about 47 minutes.





Remeber, tomorrow is the final day with Daniel, and it’s the 55 min. total body balance/functional strength one; so just do what you feel like you need to do!

Alright! Have a good time and come share your thoughts on today, this week, this challenge... anything you feel like!😁 See you soon!

#FBfamily💙 #workoutcomplete #ScenicFBChallenge

P.S. Sorry this was a bit late again. Some things came up early on, so it took a little longer than planned.😉