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Core Workout - No Equipment Abs and Obliques Workout

6 Min • Core
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    • Training Type Low Impact, Toning
    • Equipment Mat, No Equipment
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    We know that you guys like our stark white, distraction free background that we usually film in (aka our single car garage), but sometimes we like to shake things up a bit by filming somewhere new, and there are so many beautiful places in Washington state that we have no shortage of spots to choose from. It helps keep us from going brain dead, editing day in & day out, and it lets us share a little bit of our corner of the world with you.

    This core workout was filmed in Whatcom Falls Park in Bellingham, Wa

    Our Ab Workout is short, but because of the fast pace of the routine you will still feel accomplished by the time you are done. These are all dynamic motions that incorporate multiple muscle groups, meaning that the calorie burn will be higher than if you just did simple crunches for the same amount of time.

    Workout Structure
    7 Core Exercises
    Varying Repetitions
    1 Round
    6 Minutes Total

    Printable Workout Routine / Exercise Descriptions
    10 Plank Half Jacks – Go into a plank position and do a jumping jack motion with one arm and one leg (opposite one another, so that you don’t fall over). Do all repetitions on one side of the body before repeating the jumping jack motions on the opposite arm and leg. You can make this move easier by holding a half plank position instead of a full. This is a total body exercise that requires balance as well as strength.

    14 Full Body Flys – Lie on your back and extend both your arms and your legs straight up over the joints. Adduct both arms and legs so that both pairs of limbs are out in a “V” position, then pull them both back in over your body. This targets the entire abdominal panel, as well as the thighs.

    12 Airplanes – This is very similar to the Russian Twist, but your will have your arms extended straight out to your sides. Sit on a mat and lean back, extend arms straight out, and use a slow and controlled motion to twist from side to side. The further you lean back, the harder it is. You can also increase the difficulty by lifting your feet off of the ground. You will feel this in your abs, obliques, and lower back.

    8 Plank Up & Out Tucks – Go into a side plank and bring the knee of the top leg up towards your elbow directly inline with your body, and then repeat the knee motion upward, this time in front of your body in order to complete one rep. Repeat the 8 reps on each side of the body. Obliques, lower back, thighs, abs and shoulders are all engaged.

    20 Flutterkick Crunches – Lie flat on your back, and do a flutterkick motion: one leg will be just a few inches over and parallel to the ground while the other is straight up above it’s joint; switch leg positions rapidly. The twist on this particular motion is that you will do a crunch upward each time you switch leg positions. The entire abdominal panel will be targeted, as will the thighs.

    20 Knee Tuck Crunches – Sit upright on a mat and then lean backwards a bit to lift your feet off of the ground. Engage your abs by extending legs straight, and then drawing them back in again.

    8 Jackknife Crisscross Crunches – Lie flat on a mat, arms extended overhead. Bring arms and legs straight up over the joints, and then lower back down (completing a jackknife crunch), then immediately do a crisscross crunch to each side in order to complete one full repetition. Abs, obliques, and thighs are all targeted.

    Calorie Burn Estimates
    Ab workouts are not typically high calorie burners, and this is a very short routine. We recommend pairing this video with any of our longer cardio workouts, or an upper or lower body strength training routine. For best health and maintaining a lean body, we suggest strength training for upper & lower body 2-3x each per week, with 30-60 minutes of cardio on most days. We estimate that this routine burns roughly 4-8 calories per minute, or 24-48 calories total.