Kona Beach Bodyweight Workout - Surf, Sand and Sweat

11 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Low Impact, Toning
    • Equipment No Equipment


    Stick around until the end of this Beach Workout video for a peek at some wild Spinner Dolphins that interrupted our filming!

    We finally took our long overdue vacation. This workout video was the only bit of work that we did while we were away on our trip to Hawaii. We filmed this workout on a beach that we had to hike to, roughly one hour South of Kona.

    This is a low impact workout that engages all of the muscle groups; butt and thighs, abs and obliques, and the upper body. You aren't going to need any equipment for this workout.

    Workout Structure
    6 Total Body Exercises
    10 Reps (on each side of the body, where applicable)
    1 Round
    11 Minutes Total

    Exercises in this routine
    Walkdowns + Side Plank Drops - You should feel this mainly through your core, but really all of the muscles in the body have to come together to pull this move off. Walk down on your hands until you reach a plank position, open your chest so that the fingers of one hand point to the sky, and lower your hip to the floor before returning to a plank and walking your hands back up to a standing position before repeating, this time dropping the opposite hip.

    Double Pulse Lunges - This is a great thigh toning, butt lifting exercise. Step back into a reverse lunge; pulse at the bottom range of motion before coming back up to repeat on the other leg.

    Plank Circles + Lifts - Because you're holding a plank the entire time, this is a great abs workout, but the leg lifts also engage the glutes. Hold a plank position and draw a circle with your knee under your body, then extend & lift the same leg while squeezing your glutes.

    Squats + Side Leg Raises - Shape your lower body with this butt and outer thigh exercise; drop down into a squat and lift one leg out to the side as you return to the starting position.

    Rows + Presses - If you want to tone your upper body with this bodyweight exercise, you have to focus. Squeeze your arms back so that you feel it in your rhomboids (between your shoulder blades) the bring your forearms together in from of your body and press them together. This one really works, just remember to stay focused on keeping your muscles engaged the whole time.

    Supine Leg Lifts - Go into an upward facing plank, and lift your legs as high as you can one at a time.

    There is no warm up or cool down included in this routine, so we recommend doing a brief version of each, particularly if you are jumping into this workout with completely cold muscles.

    How should I use this routine with other Fitness Blender workout videos?
    This is a very short routine and it's not overly intense, which makes it a good candidate for pairing with either our longer, or more intense workout videos. You could also do several rounds of this workout video in order to bump up the calorie burn and the overall body shaping benefit.

    This was the first time in our lives that we had seen wild dolphins (as you can probably tell by my overly enthusiastic response mid-exercise) - they're beautiful! How many of you have you ever been lucky enough to spot a wild dolphin?