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Beta Calendar Last Call

Hello Blenders. The beta version of the calendar is nearing full launch. That means the old calendar will be retired and we will transfer everyone over to the new calendar sometime before the new year. We’ve included some of your biggest requests in this latest round of updates and can’t wait to see what you think. We will still be taking feedback in the community but there won’t be a survey this time around, so be sure to post a comment to let us know what you like or if there are still improvements you think would be beneficial. Let’s jump right in and see what's new:

Calendar Month

  • By popular demand we’ve reintroduced the day preview when you hover your mouse over a day. 
    • FB Plus Feature: We even included max difficulty, activity minutes, and body focus on completed days.
  • Now there are three options for your month view. Activity Bars Only, Activity Bars with Text, and an all new Text Only version.

To learn more about each option, as well as device limitations, please visit your account profile and a guided tour will walk you through the new calendar preferences.

Manage Calendar Preferences

Calendar Icons

  • New body focus icons that more clearly indicate Total Body, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core.
  • Updated color scheme to help more quickly visualize recovery days.

Calendar Day

  • For larger screens
    • Increased spacing across the board
    • Increased image size for the workouts and decreased image size for programs
  • Expand icons are now always on the left for each scheduled item.  
    • Pro tip: You can always expand / collapse all scheduled items right from the top, under the Day Complete button. When you expand / collapse all, the setting will be remembered.
  • Delete, Reschedule, and Swap buttons are now next to the Mark Complete button


  • Changing calendar data layers on the month and year view will now auto-scroll to the top of the calendar.

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