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Beta Calendar Update 2

Just calling this update 2 doesn’t seem quite fair. Not only have we tried to respond to as many of your requests as possible, we also have brand new functionality you haven’t even seen yet. There’s so much to cover, let’s get into it:

Calendar Beta Feedback Survey
This survey is closed. Visit the community post and survey for Calendar Beta Update 3 for the latest version.

To join the Beta all you have to do is go to Account Profile, then select Yes under Participate in the Calendar Beta.

Calendar Month

  • Balanced size for year and month views to get the most out of larger screens with as minimal scrolling as possible
  • Updated iconography and colors
  • No more fade that hides your scheduled items on completed days

New Feature - All Members

  • New data layer menu on the bottom of the month calendar to toggle the day complete icons so you can see your full schedule

New Feature - FB Plus Members

  • Additional data layers on the month view to see difficulty, minutes, and body focus

Calendar Day

  • Completely redesigned day view
  • Quick vertical scrolling instead of horizontal swipes to see all activities
  • You can now delete independent workouts right from the day view without having to click reschedule first.  Deleting from the reschedule view is unchanged.
  • New expand/collapse option on each scheduled activity to show more or less detail
    • Also a quick expand/collapse all option at the top of the page 
  • New layout for program activities
  • Program day description is now collapsed by default
  • New iconography which can be hovered or tapped to quickly see if a program activity is required, optional or extra credit

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