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A New Calendar is in Beta

We just launched a brand new calendar with a refreshed design, all new activity tracking, and updated rescheduling features. For the next couple of months you’ll have the option of continuing to use the current calendar or trying out the new one.

To join the Beta all you have to do is go to Account Profile, then select Yes under Participate in the Calendar Beta.

In November, we’ll turn on the new calendar for everyone so now is your opportunity to try it out and give us feedback about what you like and what we can continue to improve before we retire the old calendar.

Calendar Beta Feedback Survey
This survey is closed. Visit the community post and survey for Calendar Beta Update 3 for the latest version.

What’s New

User Interface Design

  • New year, month and day views to keep organized and see your activity history
  • Scheduled items on the month view display the title, and the day number for programs, on larger screens
  • Program Recovery and optional days have unique visual design to quickly see them at a glance

New Complete Options

  • Mark a day complete as you always have
  • Mark a day as an active recovery day for days when you have light exercise to keep moving, but no strenuous workouts
  • Mark a day as a recovery day when you let your body rest and recuperate with no exercise

Activity Tracking

  • Year and month views give you the option to visualize your activity over time
  • Charts include activity types and areas of focus
  • Multiple note support for calendar days

Updated Rescheduling

  • Now you can reschedule any scheduled activity, not just programs
  • Move only the items you want, or move everything on a given day
  • You can choose to move all scheduled activities in a specific time frame

Also in This Release

This release comes with some additional features and bug fixes not related to the calendar.

  • Privacy improvement by fully removing google analytics
  • Backend framework and security updates
  • 10s quick skip feature updated for the ads-free beta player
  • Updated our icon library: note all your icons appear filled in, please make sure to update your browser to the latest version