New Workout and Special Announcement!

Good morning FB Family!

This is one of my favorite types of community posts to write — I get to introduce a new workout and new content creator to the FB community! As you know, our team has grown several times over the last year or so, and the variety of content that we’ve been able to offer you has continued to evolve with this expansion. You get to mix and match workout videos and articles, move with different creators based on your training goals and mood for the day, and experience programming and wellness-related topics through the different lens of equally qualified fitness/wellness professionals. Best of all, every member of the FB team shares the same passion for creating and producing content to help you improve your whole well-being (mental, physical, and beyond), providing you with an array of options to fit your current lifestyle and future goals.

Like all our content creators, our new yoga instructor Aly’s down-to-earth and welcoming approach to movement is refreshing, inviting, and fun. Aly is an international yoga instructor (CYT 500) with over ten years of experience, including virtual teaching and health & wellness coaching. One of her primary goals is to connect with the community while offering you a safe space to gently challenge your expectations of yourself with foundational yoga flows. Today’s workout release is a perfect example of her training style and passion for creating a welcoming atmosphere for positive lifestyle changes:

30 Minute Slow Flow

As Aly states in her write-up, today’s practice is a great way to start your day as a warm-up for a more strenuous workout or as an active recovery flow between higher effort sessions. You will focus on matching movement and breath as you slowly flow through a series of dynamic poses at a deliberate pace. Make sure to read her full write-up for a few modifications for some of the yoga poses.

Aly will have free video options in the future! But for now, if you don’t have a FB Plus subscription but still want to flow with Aly in her first video, consider our 1-Day Pass option to meet her and check out the other fun features on Plus.

Give Aly a warm welcome below and let us know your thoughts on her first video! Did you have any favorite poses? Did she say something that resonated with you? What other kinds of flows would you like to see from her? Like the rest of us, she will be continuously fine-tuning her process for creating, filming, and editing her content from start to finish. We always invite your feedback to keep improving the quality of our content and video production.

The FB team thanks you for growing with us and inspiring us to keep sharpening our skillsets and creative processes — there are exciting things on the horizon for 2023 and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Enjoy this yoga flow and don’t forget to say hello to Aly below!

-Tasha & the FB Team