New Plus Workout: Lower Body Recovery Workout + Rest Day Chat

Good morning FB Family!

Today's new workout:

Workout for Sore Legs: Lower Body Recovery Workout

I modeled this routine after what I often treat myself to when I've got sore lower body muscles.

Workout Structure

  • (Very) light cardio intro, to warm up our (potentially sore) muscles for gentle stretches
  • Static stretches targeting the lower back, lower body, and hips
  • 40 Seconds Active, 15 Seconds Transition Time
  • No Equipment (though a thick exercise mat might come in handy)

Rest and recovery is such a huge part of a fitness routine, but what does that look like - does it mean no exercise at all? In the write up for this workout, I cover the topic of rest and recovery, and all of the different shapes that can take.

What do your rest days usually look like? How many average rest days do you take each week? Do you take them off completely? Do you go for walks, or maybe some yoga or a swim? Do you have a hobby or sport that you pursue away from your more structured workouts? And do you enjoy being relentlessly questioned about your rest days?

I take an absolute minimum of 1 rest day a week, but usually more like 2-3. On my rest days, I like taking walks, stretching, dancing, gardening and spending some time sprawled out catching up on shows and movies that I like. My rest days make me appreciate my workout days, and my workout days make me appreciate my rest days.

Today I'll be tackling Day 5 of Fit 30 (and maybe this lower body recovery workout, too). What are you up to today?

Thank you for working out with me,