New FB Plus Workout: Prenatal Cardio Intervals to Prepare for Birth

Hi (again) Fitness Blender fam!

Today’s second workout release is designed to be more focused on the pregnancy population. 

Birth Prep Intervals to Prepare For Labor

If you’re in this stage of life, anything that can help you prepare mentally and physically for labor is welcomed, right?! I know it was for me, as my fear of delivery grew as my due date approached. While nothing can prepare you for the TRUE experience of labor, the techniques used in this routine are geared toward helping you endure the highs and lows with more ease.

While HIIT training in general is beneficial in pregnancy, this workout is unique due to the highly focused recovery intervals. We have high-intensity bursts of 45 seconds to mimic labor contractions, followed by low-intensity recovery for 45 seconds where we immediately shift into a birthing position and focus on breathing. Personally, having the skill of managing my mind, tuning into my breath, and having the ease of changing positions was super helpful.

You’ll notice this workout is short and sweet, coming in at just 10 minutes. It’s meant to serve as an add-on to another pregnancy safe strength or core workout. For that reason there is no warm-up, so I highly recommend picking another workout to complete first, before doing this one - see my recommendations below!

If you’re not doing any other HIIT in your prenatal routine, this workout could make a nice addition 1-2x/week. Feel free to swap out the exercises to keep it interesting - I’ve included some of my favorites for you in the write-up!

Recommendations to pair this workout with:

Can’t wait to hear how this goes!