New Free Workout: Mat Stretches for Stiff Hips with Kayla!

Fitness Blender family!

You’re in for a real treat, because today we’re releasing Kayla’s first FREE video! 😍 This stretching routine, Mat Stretches for Stiff Hips, is designed to help loosen up stiff hips, and it’s especially helpful for anyone who spends a lot of the day sitting down. Kayla releases a new workout video every week - See all of Kayla's workouts here

For those of you active here on the Community page, even if you are not a Plus member, you have already “met” Kayla — but now everyone will be getting a chance to work out with her. She’s one of our amazing Doctors of Physical Therapy, and she brings a quiet, calm, expert voice (literally!) to bear in all that she does. In addition to filming workouts and stretch routines, Kayla has written many (66 so far, but who’s counting) of our expert articles about mobility and physical health

Kayla has talked a lot about “couch slouch” and what too much sitting can do to the body. For the hips in particular, sitting for long periods of time can increase the risk of injury, stiffness, and pain. That’s where this workout comes in. Kayla’s unconventional hip stretches will help you keep the pain and stiffness away. 

So, please help us celebrate Kayla’s first free video in the comments below! 🥳

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