New FB Plus Challenge: 2 Week FB Mass

Good morning FB Family,

Welcome to a new month! We've just published a brand new FB Plus Challenge:

2 Week FB Mass Challenge: Build Muscle & Increase Strength

FB Mass focuses on strength training workouts with the intent of increasing the strength, function, and power of the muscles, as well as muscle mass. This Challenge is all about pushing yourself and really making sure you exhaust the targeted muscles each day. It's designed to help you get the most out of each day's workout without overtraining any given muscle.

This new challenge uses an exclusive set of workout videos led by Certified Personal Trainers & Doctors of Physical Therapy - you'll be doing a different workout video each day of the challenge (no repeats).

Our previous FB Mass Program is an audience favorite among those who love to lift. We hope that you enjoy this new version as much as or more than the last!

Remember, even if you aren't a Plus member, you can still gain access to this new challenge, as well as any of the other 22 exclusive FB Plus Challenges, by simply buying one month of FB Plus at a time; it does not have to be a monthly subscription. In building FB Plus, our goal was to make it as flexible as possible, so we offer one month at a time, monthly, and yearly options. If you do sign up for recurring membership, it takes the click of just one button to cancel (and you don't even have to talk to anyone lol).

We hope you're ready for an exciting month, with lots of new good stuff coming your way. January 2022 is right around the corner - I'm thinking that a second round of FB Complete would be really fun, what do you all think?

Have a great day,

Kelli & Daniel