A sneaky killer HIIT workout disguised as cardio ;)

With a time crunch and lack of energy decided to tackle a non-HIIT cardio workout with Kelli, not realizing it was sneakily chock-full of familiar HIIT-style exercises which made it feel like a very long, torturous HIIT workout for anyone who doesn't enjoy HIIT, lol! So, sorry, Kelli - really, really, really tried to like it and make it work, but couldn't! ;)

For a non-HIIT cardio workout, it would have been cool to have all or mostly non-HIIT-style cardio exercises for a fun, non-jump-crazy, non-HIIT-style, yet still challenging enough *medium-intensity/medium-impact* (not low-impact/low-intensity) cardio workout (hmm, that was a very long sentence, lol!). While our HIIT-loving Blenders (ahem, you know who you are - the burpee, squat jump, jumping lunge lovers! ;)) voted for so many HIIT-style exercises to be included in this IG vote-driven workout, for those who cannot do HIIT or do not enjoy HIIT, yet still need good, challenging options for cardio more intense than low-impact, this cardio workout doesn't readily fit the need. With plenty of other really great FB HIIT-style workouts available already, there had been the hope that this new workout would be focused on non-HIIT-style, medium-intensity (not low-intensity) cardio exercises, but that wasn't the case this time.

Note to you HIIT lovers - you might absolutely *love* this 24-minute HIIT-style workout with infinitely LOOOOONG, challenging intervals. :D

Since the main workout wasn't so fun, and the energy levels dropped too low to be able to push through, had to tap out early in the 2nd half of the workout and moved on to a LB Pilates burnout with Kelli and a cool down & stretch with Daniel instead.

1) Main HIIT-style cardio workout (24 min) - https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/at-home-cardio-workout-for-people-who-get-bored-easily-fun-bodyweight-cardio

2) LB Pilates burnout (20 min) - https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/20-minute-butt-and-thigh-workout-glute-activation-workout

3) Cool-down & stretch (7 min) - https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/total-body-cooldown-compound-movements-for-a-total-body-stretch

In the end it's good to remember that not every workout is a good fit for you on a particular day and time, even if it's one you might normally enjoy or one you would like to challenge yourself with. It's okay to try something new and really not like it at all. And it's totally okay to stop and switch to something else mid-workout to find what *does* work well for your body's current needs. It's good to push the envelop and try to develop new tastes and try out new things while at the same time not putting any pressure on yourself to actually enjoy something if you don't really enjoy it or to doggedly push through with a bad attitude if you aren't having fun with it.

Listening to one's body isn't only about learning how hard to push oneself to be just challenging enough or when it's best to back off instead of push, it's also about learning to really be okay with changing and with going for a more fun option if that works better in the moment. Successful change usually comes by not only learning to enjoy what's good for you, but also in learning to find the fun in things and knowing when to push through and when to quit while you're ahead and change to something fun without any shame in the quitting or in having fun instead of being "strong" and going too hard.

And for those of you who really love HIIT, the main cardio workout from today is definitely worth going for - you've got a new 24-minute killer HIIT-style workout with nicely challenging 45/10 intervals waiting for you to tackle. This workout gem could be an enjoyable challenge for you! :D

Hope your hump day is going well, and happy Blending everyone! :)