Red Dan Plan

Hi everyone!

It makes me stupidly happy to find and combine videos where Kelli or Daniel are in the same outfit. So I made a two-week schedule of Daniel in red shirt, that I'll start on Monday.

For a little background – after several years of nice and steady going, I've been struggling with consistency a lot for almost a year now, had two couple-month full breaks randomly out of the blue, had started but not finished several programs, some old injuries tend to wake up too often, the checkmarks on my calendar are few and far between... I do always come back but my motivation dwindles, I lose direction and goal and am not sure what I'm doing and why. Ha! What a motivational speech.

Back to the bright side – it's been a month now of exercising again and this time it feels a tiny bit different, like it might stick. This time I even have a goal – to enter August with a 1000cal workout, which I haven't done in exactly a year (and this particular one, never!) And then for an extra kick in the rearside and added accountability, I decided to step out of lurk-mode and post this little Red-Dan-Plan here.

Here's the schedule:


DAY 1 – Lower Body Strength and HIIT

DAY 2 – Upper Body Arms and Shoulders Split

separate warmup,, separate cooldown

DAY 3 – Total Body HIIT and Core


separate cooldown

DAY 4 – Upper Body Chest and Back Split

separate warmup,, separate cooldown

DAY 5 – Total Body either Kettlebell or Cardio HIIT

option 1:, separate cooldown

option 2: separate warmup,, separate cooldown

OPTIONAL DAY 6 – Lower Body Active Stretching


DAY 1 – Upper (& Core)


DAY 2 – Lower Body Strength

separate warmup,, separate cooldown

DAY 3 – Kickboxing and Core

DAY 4 – Low Impact Endurance Challenge

separate warmup,, separate cooldown

DAY 5 (or Day 6 if taking rest day before big day) – 1000 calorie workout!

I'm looking forward to it, though some of the thumbnails look daunting, I hope it'll be doable and fun, and of course, there is always modifying 😉

If anyone is tempted to try out this plan with me, by all means! I would love to have workout buddies. I'll post short daily check-ins starting Monday.