Cardio Kickboxing plus Abs and Obliques Workout

18 Min • Core
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, Toning, Kickboxing
    • Equipment Mat, No Equipment


    Though we were a little leery about doing our first Kickboxing routine we have come to love filming them as much for how fun the workouts are to do, as for the how much the Blender Family seems to like them. Though we are not training like a true boxer and not practicing proper fighting technique, and we may not be able to be able to take down a live opponent in the ring, we can however easily decimate stress, and a few hundred unwanted calories.

    One of the things we like the most about Cardio Kickboxing is that it can easily be modified by the exerciser to be harder or easier. All you have to do is change the speed at which you throw your punches and kicks and the difficulty of the workout changes along with it. You can easily burn up to 20 calories per minute when pushing 100% through a cardio kickboxing workout and possibly even more. On the other hand if you throttle back the intensity at which you push yourself, you can turn these moves into more of a low intensity toning routine burning only 3-4 calories per minute. Since we have included core exercises, specifically for the abs and obliques, this will lower your max calorie burn but only slightly. If you keep up with me in terms of speed and intensity then you can easily average 10-14 calories per minute on the high end, including the warm up. On the low end if you move slowly and don't keep your body tight then, you can be all the way down to an average of 3 calories per minute. This gives you a large range of expenditure for the 17 minute cardio kickboxing workout; push yourself to get the most from this routine.

    The following is the exercise list for this video in the order they are done. The warm up exercises are done for 30 seconds each and the kickboxing combinations are done with two slow repetitions and then 10 fast on each side (switching stance), followed by 60 seconds of each core exercise.

    Warm Up:

    Arm Circles

    Torso Rotation

    Boxer Shuffle

    Knee Up and Outs

    Jumping Jacks

    High Knees

    Kickboxing Workout (R = rear, F = front):

    - Jab, Jab, Cross, Jab, Upper Cut (R)

    - Knee Tuck Crunch

    - Knee (R), Knee (R), Jab, Cross, Jab

    - Side Hip Raise (Left and Right)

    - Upper Cut (R), Upper Cut (R), Hook (F) , Hook (R), Knee (R)

    - Crisscross Crunch

    - Shin Block (F), Shin Block (R), Jab, Cross, Knee (R) - Russian Twist