Chest and Back Superset Workout - At Home Dumbbell Workout for Strength and Size


Calorie burn:

128 to 294





Equipment Needed:

Bench, Dumbbell

Workout type:

Low Impact, Strength Training, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

All you're going to need for this superset workout video is a set of dumbbells and an optional bench (you can always improvise).

Supersets are a great way to maximize your results and minimize the time you spend waiting around in between sets. For example, a typical muscle mass building routine might have you waiting anywhere from 1-7 minutes between sets of an exercise (though more commonly 1-3 minutes). Obviously this can pose a serious hurdle to anyone who doesn't have that amount of time to literally stand around waiting at the gym (or at home), just resting in between sets. There's nothing wrong with the more traditional lifting rules, but a lot of people have demanding careers and families to take care of and superset workouts can get you through a similar routine, with similar benefits, in a lot less time.

They can be effective for building muscle and size, and are also great for boosting the body's metabolism. Because there is minimal rest in between each set, you may start to feel a bit of a cardiovascular challenge as well. For this reason, superset workouts like this one can even end up helping to boost your muscles & overall endurance.

Keep in mind that the calories burned for this routine can vairy greatly from one person to the next, mainly because the amount of weight used directly corisponds to the calories burned per minute. The more weight someone can control/use the more calores they will burn. So, if you are particularly strong then you may need be able to burn more the the 294 calores on the upper calorie burn and if you are particularly weak in your upper body then you could easily burn less then our low end estimate of 128 calores.

Workout Structure
10 Repetitions per Set
2 Sets per Exercise
2 Exercises per Group
3 Groups (6 Exercises Total)


Back and Chest Exercises

Incline Chest Press
Decline Kneeling Row

Flat Chest Press
Kneeling Row

Decline Chest Press
45 Bentover Row

There is no warm up or cool down included in this video so make sure that you do your own, or that you pick one from our warm up and cool down videos so that your muscles are warmed up and ready to work.




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