New FB Plus Upper Body Strength with Cardio and Negative Sets

How is everyone doing today? Anyone in the mood for a long, challenging upper body workout? This new 50 minute routine will not disappoint.

Controlled Upper Body Strength with Cardio and Negative Burnout

I have pulled out all the stops for this workout and it left me drenched in sweat and sore for a couple days afterward. So, if you are looking to push yourself, this will definitely be a "fun" one for you. I have included cardio sets to make this strength routine a cardio workout as well, and just to make sure you feel it the next day I have added an optional negative set to finish off each strength exercise.

Read more about this routine using the link above and let us know what you think.

We took yesterday off in observance of the July 4th holiday, but will have a new free workout for everyone on the 12th (next Monday), so be looking out for that….and we also have a new FB Plus workout video (with Tasha!) coming out tomorrow.

For our US FB Family, how did the holiday weekend treat you? For the rest of the FB Family, what did you do over your weekend?