New FB Plus Feature: Build your own Routines! +New Challenge & Workout Video

Good morning FB Family!

We have lots of exciting FB Plus news this morning. Here's a list of all the things you wont want to miss out on:

New Feature! Build Your Own Routines - You can now build your own routines, add and move/reschedule them on your workout calendar in one cohesive piece. This means that the routines that you build independently will now have the same functionality of our professionally built Workout Programs. You can find a direct routine to this new feature under Workouts and Programs. 

FB Routines is something many of you have been asking for since we started developing FB Plus—the ability to create, save, and schedule your own workout routines (rescheduling missed workouts will be so much easier!).

You will be able to access our entire workout library to create Routines personalized for your individual fitness level, workout preferences, and personal goals. You’ll be able to utilize the robust functionality of the Fitness Blender website, from the search/filter tool, to favorites, to tags, to the Surprise Me button, to your personalized workout statistics —resulting in highly-customized Routines with targeted criteria.

Routines can also be used to help save time when scheduling your favorite go-to workouts that you use very frequently - workouts that you use each day, such as a morning warm-up or favorite stretching video.

We can’t wait for you to incorporate Routines into your schedules and get your feedback about how you use them, ideas for potential improvements, and new features you’d like to see.

New Challenge: 2 Week FB Old School - a popular request from our FB Family. This Challenge uses some of our very first workout videos. Many of the days have a "choose your own" option, so that you'll have some flexibility to choose between different lengths, intensities, and training styles. This was a fun one to build as it was a bit of a walk down memory lane. Remember - all of the Challenges are available to you at any time (you can start and stop them as you please, and this one will stay waiting for you if you already have something scheduled for September).

With this latest launch, FB Plus now comes with seven unique 2 Week Challenges - over 14 weeks of programming! What new Challenge should we build for October?

New FB Plus workout video: 32 Minute Bored Easily Cardio Workout (with low impact mods) - This is a fun sweatfest that targets the lower body and core. It is a challenge for the lungs and the muscles - it is also highly adaptable, so that you can use it in multiple ways, depending on your goals and fitness level.

Our Team has been working very hard and we're all very excited to share this update. Heads up; we are also working on some new free content! Watch this space for sneak peeks on all kinds of fun stuff coming your way.

Kelli & Daniel