All time favorite FB workout program? +A simple reminder

Good morning, my long-distance-virtual-workout buddies :)

I'm curious as to what your favorite FB workout program has been, and what made it your favorite. We are working hard behind the scenes to give you a fun filled, challenging spring and early summer; get your input now by sharing what has made you feel the best, see the best results, and have the most fun while sweating it out. Here's our newest program, one of my personal favorites: 4 Week FB Burn (it uses all of our newest workouts, combines HIIT & Strength in my favorite way, and also allows for that lengthier workout if you want to add on the Extra Credit Challenge).


💙 Take care of yourself today! Remember to spend at least 20 minutes moving around in a way that makes you feel great, eat well to nourish your precious body, drink lots of water and talk nicely to yourself and the people around you. 💙