New FB Plus Workout now available - Day 4/5

Hello FB Family, how is everyone doing? I was going to say we're halfway through the week but I guess it's only Tuesday πŸ˜… This week has been a long year πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

We just published the new FB Plus workout - this one is Day 4 of the 5 Day Challenge we've been releasing.

The strength training exercises in this workout come with a twist; we’ll be alternating between two slightly different forms of the same exercise, within each repetition. This requires making body-wide micro adjustments in between repetitions, which calls upon the body to rapidly have to accommodate and stabilize that slight leverage change.

It becomes both a mind and body challenge to keep a strong base, and muscles will be engaged in a unique way, compared to doing a set number of the same range of motion for the entire set.

We hope that you're enjoying the workouts of this soon-to-be 5 Day Challenge. We already have Day 5 planned out and it's going to be a fun burner - that next workout will be available at the beginning of May.

What other kinds of content and workouts would you like to see on FB Plus? As always we are all ears.

We hope you love this new workout! PS even if you're enjoying a lazy day, this one has bloopers if you need a good laugh at your trainer's expense πŸ˜ƒ

Keep moving, drink lots of water, and eat in a way that makes you feel great. Also, stay home! And stay safe.

Kelli & Daniel