Kickboxing + Upper body strength (Pregnancy modifications + Yesterday combo)


So, this week I'm doing 3 days of cardio + lower body and 3 days of Kickboxing + upper body.

1 - Extra warm-up: I always do some extra warm-up. At this point, it might be psychological, but I always think that helps me push more when the real workout begin.

2 - I LOVE this new kickboxing workout!!! SO good, I adore this format kickboxing set + strength set, 2 times, and the burnout at the end, too. I think the time fly by.

3 - I did this low-impact 10 min cardio instead of the cool down of the workout (I don't cool down during the week, since I do other stuff after the workout, I prefer to use the time to do a short, easier cardio at the end). I choose this one very quickly, and didn't realize I would have to modify so much! So, instead of all the planks, crunches and backbows, I made high knees, lateral jumps, buttkickers and bird-dog.

Today was a much lighter day, and I very much enjoy this!!! Yesterday was quite more brutal, since I did:

1- 40 min of indoor lower-body-focused walk (steady, moderate cardio)

2 - That cardio:

3- that lower body

So today was shorter, and very much upper body only, but still break a sweat! So just perfect.

That's my bump today. It grow a lot this last week, much faster than the other weeks, lol. We are gonna be 6 months + 2 weeks the day after tomorrow. =D