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Most Challenging Program Yet? FB Fit Round 4 is Here!

Fat Burning Cardio Workout to Tone (High & Low Impact Modifications)

25 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, Low Impact, Toning
    • Equipment No Equipment
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    The difficulty of this fun bodyweight cardio workout is entirely scalable, meaning that you can use it to work up a light sweat on an active rest/recovery day, or you can make simple modifications and turn it into a real sweatfest. Whether you’re new to exercise or addicted to the “Workout Complete” screen, listen to the cues throughout & read the tips below to make these exercises meet your fitness level.

    These exercises are great for burning fat and toning up, but they're also incredible for increasing balance, coordination and control over your own body. The unique moves also mean you'll be using your muscles in ways in which they aren't thoroughly engaged with typical cardio routines, so depending on your fitness level (or how often you workout with Fitness Blender) you may have some sore muscles the next day. Some of these moves may make you feel slightly uncoordinated but I'm telling you now; that's part of the point! Go with it, do your best, and don't be overly critical of yourself.

    Workout Structure

    • Quick cardio warm up
    • Total body cardio workout with low impact modifications shown throughout
    • Cool down & stretch not included, we recommend checking out the suggestions below 

    Turn on some music, shut out your worries for a bit and enjoy this workout!

    Looking for a challenge? Use these tips to make the routine more difficult

    • Use deeper ranges of motion; for example, turn a step forward or backwards into a lunge in that direction
    • Add jumps; explosive movements are a surefire way to engage muscles and increase calorie expenditure
    • Hold onto weights wherever appropriate (or, wear a weighted vest)
    • Minimize rest times or do a more challenging exercise (everyone love Burpees, am I right?) during your rest periods
    • Work against yourself; contract and squeeze your muscles intentionally with each movement; literally any exercise can be made significantly more difficult with this mindful modification

    New to exercise? Need a low impact workout? Read this

    • Take longer rest periods, or extra rest periods; just aim for shorter/fewer extra breaks each time you try this workout video
    • Use shallow motions; only go as deep into a range of motion as your strength, flexibility & control allows
    • Cut out the jumping - just as simple as it sounds; to make this workout completely low impact, just make sure both of your feet never leave the ground at the same time
    • Listen to your body the entire way through; feel free to move back and forth between beginner and intermediate modifications as you feel you need more rest or more challenge
    • Don’t get discouraged! No matter how much you might struggle, focus on the fact that you are starting a healthy habit. Everyone starts somewhere and as you work at it, your endurance will improve and you will get stronger and stronger.

    Warm Up Cardio - 25 Seconds each interval, no rest in between
    Upper Body & Torso Stretch (Arms outstretched overhead, lean side to side; focus on deep breaths)
    Lunge + Chest & Back Stretch
    Forward Bend + Butt Kick Rows
    Warrior Jacks
    Single Leg Deadlifts (keep both feet on the ground if balance is poor)
    Toe Touch Kicks
    Jog in Place
    Lateral Step Toe Touches

    At Home Cardio Workout - 45 on, 15 off, ABAB
    1 3 Jacks + 3 Butt Kicker Rows (3 jumping jacks + 3 butt kicks while pulling arms in at chest level for a row)
    2 Lateral Jumps + Step Back or Lunge (arms outstretched for step/jump to the side, up overhead for step back/reverse lunge)

    3 Walkdown + Up Down Plank (use hands to walk down to full push up position, then go onto forearms; make sure to alternate leading sides each time)
    4 3 Pendulum Swings + Side Leg Lift (3 jumps/lifts of the legs to the side, then one high side lift)

    Water Break 

    5  Reverse Lunge Pulls (arms stay overhead during lunge, pull down with knee - use shallow steps to make it easier)
    6 Side Plank Jacks (side plank with weight in knees or toes & hand or forearm; do a side leg lift, then kick out in front)

    7 Roundabout Squat + Bow (circular squat motion to a depth which challenges you; then squeeze abdominals and "pull" across the body as if pulling a bow & arrow, contracting muscles the entire time)
    8 2 Pivot Center Jumps (pivot front & back before jumping upward in center; then switch sides. Make sure to switch which movement you initiate first with front & back pivots)

    9 Traveling Flutter Kickers (lie flat on your back & kick legs vertically; 3 counts, at 3 different heights - low, middle & high, 3rd kick is movement to next level)
    10 Hip Dip Plank Jacks (in full or half plank position, dip hips to one side, then return to plank before jumping feet apart, then dip on opposite side).

    Suggested cool down & stretch videos:

    How did you do? Did you make it to the Workout Complete screen? Leave a note for yourself in the comments below on how you felt during this routine & how much of advanced or easier versions you did so that you can track your progress the next time you try this video. Thanks for working out with me!