Finishing Low Impact, starting Strong


Bright sunny Saturday morning walk with my boys, and now I’m off to take the second round of my fitness test after finishing 4 Week FBlowimpact. Taking “after” photos and the whole deal. I’ll share more of my experience later. I’ve got a lot of nervous excitement about it. And then we’re starting 4 Week FBstrong on Monday with a big group of the Fitness Blender Family (everyone welcome 😁). This I am very, very excited about. I haven’t been well enough to do this program since it came out, so I’m stoked. I’m feeling stronger, and like I have more endurance and much more range of motion + much less fear of a lot of different movements, which is huge for me right now. One day at a time; it’s all happening one day and one little bit at a time. Patience has never been my strongest characteristic but the last couple of years has been good practice 😅 Get outside today if you can! Move around a bit if you can! Your body and brain will thank you 😊 Wearing Workout Complete 🤗