Another Kind of Workout: Non-scale Victory!


Hello, best community on the web! 😊

How did your weekend go? Did you rest or workout? Did este healthy food or a little bit less healthy?

Did you already see the new workout?? Here is the link! https://www.fitnessblender.com/community/discussion/11108/new-workout-is-live-just-started-fb-low-impact

A quick hiit workout that you can added as an extra challenge to any other kind of workout. Or how doesn't have 15 minutes to get a a quick metabolism boost? πŸ˜€

Also, Kelli just started the FB low impact program! So happy for her! She is such an inspiration! Join her if you want and can! πŸ’ͺ Here is the link to the program!


Now, my weekend was great! A friend from my city (Barranquilla) came to visit me at the city where I live (Medellín). She is staying until tuesday so we have been doing this with her! So, food hasn't been that healthy this days, I won't be until tuesday's night probably! I make healthy food choices when I can, but it has been difficult. But, I am ok with it 😊 I might be indulging a little bit more than usual, but I am enjoying so much my time with my friend! Should I feel bad for some days of indulging with a friend visiting? I don't think so! 😊 What about you? Should I eat salads every restaurant we go, and don't eat the chocolate cake she brought us, and stop eating dessert at the places we go?

What would you do un my situation? I am enjoying myself and I am not worry! But I want to know your opinions 😊

Also, we are very active! Walking a lot to different places and, today, we climbed up 740 stairs! And, you know what!? I didn't felt it as bad as the first time I did that.

There is town here called Guatape where there is a big touristic rock with stairs to go to the top (viewpoint) where you can see a reservoir. The first I did that, it was so hard! I had to stopped a lot! And I didn't recover very fast.

But this time! I stopped half way, and that was it! πŸ’ͺ And I recovered very fast! I felt such an improvement in my endurance!

What do you think? Have you done something like this or even more stairs than this? Let us know!

So, here's to non-scale victories that made you feel even more accomplished than the scale's ones!

In any case! Going to sleep know! Hope you are having a great weekend too! Indulging or eating healthy, working out or resting!

Good night! 😊