NEW Workout is LIVE! +Just started FB Low Impact


Good morning! How are you all? Anyone craving a bit of HIIT? Check out this butt-kicker that Daniel has built for you:

No Equipment HIIT Cardio Home Workout - Quick and Intense HIIT

It's short, intense, and I can tell you that Daniel made a lot of noises while filming it haha. It's a great workout and makes for an excellent add-on or a quick metabolism boost.

I've taken my fit test and I'm officially jumping into 4 Week FB Low Impact. I cried a little during the fit test. Not because I was sad or disappointed but because of the simple realization that I'M DOING IT.

I am doing this program for a couple of reasons. First - I needed the structure, and the incentive to start to push myself a little outside of my comfort zone. Second, I know that a low impact program is not necessarily the same as a beginner program and we're way overdue for a new beginner program anyways, so I am using this hands-on experience/refresher to build an even better entry level program. I will have to make modifications as I go. But that's okay. I'm showing up for myself and I'm very excited about that.

Do you guys have any new goals this week? Anyone want to tackle a program with me? We don't have to be doing the same program to cheer each other on :)

Here's to a great week - please enjoy the new workout!