NEW FB30 Program now available! + New workouts start tomorrow :)


Well we've definitely had our heads down in our work lately, and it has felt GREAT! It's fantastic. Waking up with ideas pouring forward and feeling great energy for doing what you's a good feeling, am I right?

We just released a brand new 4 Week FB30 Program, featuring workouts that are right around 30 minutes.

We've previously referred to FB30 as our "workout program for busy people" (how many of you have been around since Round 1, many years ago?). It really is perfect for a busy schedule. Keep in mind that you can do this program as many times as you like, at any pace that you like, at no extra charge.

These programs are the predominant reason that our website and 500+ workout videos are free, so here's a big thank you for those who have supported in the past; you make FB & our work possible & available to tens of millions around the world. So thank you. I know I say that every time we launch a program but it does bring about a great deal of gratitude each time (essentially, sorry-not-sorry for saying "thanks" like a broken record because that's how we feel :D ).

Also, very excited to tell you that tomorrow we'll be releasing our first new workout video in about 6 months. It's a 35 minute Pilates workout with me (K). I'm a beginner again but I'm back! And now I hope to slowly build my strength and endurance back up. We're in this together! I wish I could tell you how good it felt to talk "to" you guys again. And to say "workout complete" at the end. Make sure to Subscribe on YouTube :) 

Anyways, this year is going to be a good one. Hold that in mind and it'll be more likely to come true ;) See you tomorrow morning with that new workout!

Kelli & Daniel