Three Programs on SALE for 30% Off!

Hi Fitness Blender Family, 

We’re so excited to offer you this sale — are you excited?! Today through February 16, we have three of our most popular 4-Week Programs available for 30% off: 

Note: All of our programs are standalone and can be completed in any order

We chose these programs because we wanted this sale to cover a wide range of fitness levels and needs. Whether you’re a beginner seeking a smart program to ease you into fitness, or an experienced exerciser looking to level-up, this sale has you covered! 

Each one of these programs is four weeks long and contains expertly-curated workout videos to safely challenge you throughout each week. 

Here’s a bit more about each program: 

FB Low Impact Round 2 is the perfect program for those of you looking for low impact or beginner friendly workouts. But don’t assume “low impact” means “easy.” We’ve blended our fat-burning low impact cardio with the power of muscle building, metabolism-boosting strength training in order to create an incredibly effective, easy-on-the-body program. 

FB Fit Round 3 is one of our most intense programs. It contains longer and more advanced workouts. The main training styles in FB Fit are strength training and HIIT, but as always, we sneak in balance work, Pilates, flexibility, functional strength, agility, and more. 

FB Complete is a fully customizable workout program. Each day, you get to choose between an easier or harder workout. This gives you flexibility in the intensity of your workouts, the length of your workouts, and exactly what kind of training type you would like to focus on each day. Because of the beginner, intermediate, and advanced workout options, FB Complete is like multiple programs rolled into one!

Regardless of your current fitness level, all three of these programs are designed to help you feel motivated, stay on track, improve your fitness, and feel great. With this sale, you can purchase a program at 30% off to own it outright, forever. Have an FB Plus account? All three of these programs are included with FB Plus!

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Which program will you choose?

*Sale ends February 16, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time.*