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NEW FB Pregnancy Program Series!

NEW FB Pregnancy Program Series! Programs for Preconception and the First, Second, and Third Trimesters

Hey Fitness Blender Community!

We’re excited to announce the launch of a brand new prenatal program for FB Plus members: FB Pregnancy Series!

Since the initial implementation of pre and postnatal content last year, we’ve heard your requests for a more structured plan. We put our heads together to make it happen!

The goal of this series is to support those who are currently pregnant as well as those trying to conceive. We aim to offer education and safe, smart workouts to support both mind and body on the journey into parenthood. You’ll find a blend of current and new content throughout this series.

For this series, we split up the content into 4 easy-to-define phases:

Each phase is 1 week in length and consists of 5 workouts in addition to curated expert articles. The intention of the 1-week workout lineup isn’t to push you to get in all 5 workouts in one week, but rather to demonstrate best practices for that specific phase. When you add the phase to your calendar, you have the option to reschedule workouts as you see best fit for you! More instruction is provided in the program guide.

As you make your way through this prenatal series, we’d love to hear your feedback (keep an eye out for links to our survey). We hope to expand on this content in the near future and want to tailor it to your needs!

Who is looking forward to this series? What “phase” are you in?

Thanks for being part of the FB family. We look forward to supporting you in this journey.