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New FB Abs Round 3 Program!

New FB Abs Round 3 Program! 4 Weeks of Intense Core Training

If you enjoyed FB Abs Round 1 and Round 2, you will enjoy Round 3 as well: FB Abs Round 3: 4 Weeks of Intense Core Training

Kelli designed this program to help you build a strong foundation for your daily activities as well as improve your performance in your workouts and athletic endeavors. With 3 core-intensive workouts and several optional supplemental workouts each week (such as strength, cardio, and HIIT), your core strength and mobility will improve in tandem with your overall fitness. You don’t need any equipment for the core workouts other than an optional mat (light-to-moderate weight selections could increase the effectiveness of the optional workouts). And as always, feel free to modify the schedule and swap out workouts to meet your personal training needs, goals, and preferences!

FB Abs Round 3 contains exclusive FB Plus workouts and can be accessed with an active FB Plus Subscription or Pass — both of which are currently 20% off for new users!

We hope you enjoy this program!

– FB Team