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Our New 30 Day Challenge is Out Now! Meet Your Coaches

New 4 Week Program FB Fit Round 4 - Available Now! Our Most Challenging Program Yet?

Hello FB Family!

We are excited to announce the launch of FB Fit Round 4: 4 Weeks of Strength, HIIT Cardio, and Mobility!

You asked for a tough program with long, challenging workouts, and we think we have delivered with this new round of FB Fit! FB Fit is our program series that uses long, intense workouts. This is not a program for beginners — and even intermediate exercisers will find this thoroughly challenging. (Reminder that, though this is Round 4, you don't have to do the FB Fit series in order!). 

Another fun surprise about this program: it features a brand-new stretching routine with Kelli and Daniel! You'll find this routine on Day 18 of the program, but it's live now, in case you don't want to wait to check it out: Relaxing Total Body Stretching Workout

The workouts in FB Fit Round 4 have a heavy emphasis on strength training — but HIIT cardio, mobility, Pilates, and stretching also play important roles. Each of the 4 weeks includes 5 intense training days with an optional recovery workout on day 6. We also offer 2-3 carefully selected, completely optional, Extra Credit Challenge add-on workout each week, if you've got the extra time and energy (note that the workout average estimates reflect the main workout length and does not include these Extra Credit Challenges).

FB Fit Round 4 is included with a Plus membership or accessible via a Plus Pass (no membership required). Not a Plus member? Our most affordable option just got even more affordable with our new Referral Rewards Program.

We can't wait to hear what you think! Is this our most challenging program yet?