New 4 Week FB Burn now available!

We've just launched a brand new program! 

Find the program @ 4 Week FB Burn - Smart HIIT & Strength Program to Get Fit Quick

This one is very similar concept to our popular FBsweat program; it is 5 days a week, and workouts average out to 37 minutes each day. Three times a week, we provide a carefully selected, optional Extra Credit Challenge that bumps your total workout time to 45-50 minutes, if you happen to have the extra time and energy. 

I built this program to mimic the way I train in my personal routine, using all of my favorite FB workouts. I'm going to be going through this one with you! 

It should be noted that once you buy our programs, you can repeat them as many times as you like at no extra charge. This program uses our free workout videos to carefully plan out 4 weeks of strength, HIIT, functional training, cardio, Pilates, and yoga workouts for safe, sustainable results. You'll be doing a different workout video every single day; no repeats. Workouts are between 32-44 minutes, and average out to 37 minutes each day, 5 days a week with an optional 6th day recovery workout that focuses on flexibility. Programs are what allow us to keep our website free & also helps us create more free workout videos; thanks to anyone who has ever made a purchase - YOU are what makes Fitness Blender possible.

Read more about the new program here.

We've got a brand new workout video going live tomorrow morning - YouTube Subscribers are the first to get the new workouts, make sure you Subscribe so that you get the new workouts early!

Thanks for working out with us!