Limited edition Fitness Blender tees, tanks & hoodies - 2 weeks only!

Limited edition Fitness Blender merch now available, but only for 2 weeks (sale ends Sunday night, July 3 2016)

Click here to shop tees, tanks, long sleeves & hoodies!

We ran a similar version of this campaign over a year ago, and since then we've heard your requests for another opportunity to snag some of our signature Workout Complete gear. This is your chance!

The tank tops are perfect for working out in and the hoodies are great to wear on summer nights once the sun has gone down. The tees are a very soft fabric (similar to previous campaigns) and the long sleeved tees are also nice for when the temperature drops.

I think one of the coolest parts of having FB clothing floating around in the world is that we hear that you guys find and meet each other that way; we love hearing your stories about good conversations & new friendships that were born out of someone recognizing a fellow member of the FBfamily by a t-shirt! 

In other news: we also pushed a new workout live this morning - this one targets the abs and the upper body - all without a single piece of equipment. Try it now: At Home Abs & Upper Body​. One of our newest workout programs (besides 2 Week FBBlend) also targets the upper body. Check out 4 Week FBFlex for an at-home workout plan that targets your arms, shoulders, chest & upper back. 

We're working hard behind the scenes on all kinds of new projects for you guys. You keep up the hard work, keep earning your daily (or almost daily) Workout Complete and we will keep bringing you fun new stuff and new ways to challenge yourself. 

Thanks for working out with us!

Kelli & Daniel