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I just finished FB30 Round 3! My Fit Test Results

I just finished FB30 Round 3! My Fit Test Results

I just finished 8 Week FB30 Program Round 3! After 8 weeks of a smart combo of strength & HIIT, I am definitely feeling stronger & more energetic & I can even see small changes in my shape/tone. 

Keep in mind that these workouts take just 30 minutes a day. 30 minutes!! And you can do them anywhere; all you need is dumbbells. 

PFT (Physical Fitness Test) Results
After sweating my way through 30 minute HIIT & strength workouts, here's the rundown:

  • I shaved another 15 seconds off of my mile run, since 8 weeks ago. This is without any extra running at all - I used to love the way it made me feel but now I honestly hate it so the only time I run is if I'm taking our fit test. Get this though; using just our FBfit & FB30 programs, this year I have cut my mile run down by a whopping 45 seconds (since last January).
  • I did 2 additional full push ups (my biggest weakness, & a place where gains are always slow for me)
  • I held my static plank for 21 seconds longer than 8 weeks ago
  • I gained 2.5 inches of flexibility in my sit & reach test
  • Squats; my phone didn't save my records from my first round of the fit test but I can tell you that my weight set is no longer heavy enough for my typical 7-10 rep max on deadlifts so I KNOW that I have gained a lot of strength in my lower body. .

All of this feedback without ever stepping foot on a scale. Seeing & feeling these changes is so exciting to me. Real results in the form of increased energy, better endurance, noticeable strength, flexibility and endurance gains - these things are so much more rewarding than a number on the scale.

Excited to have finished yet another one of our own workout programs - seriously, even as a trainer, not having to plan/choose workouts saves so much time & makes the whole process a no-brainer. 

Next up I have my eyes on #FBsweat (the workout program that is essentially a combination of FB30 and/or FBfit that allows you to choose the length of your workouts each day) but I will wait to start with you guys once it's released in January. I'm excited. Just a side note; please note that I'm not saying either shape is better, and I really don't need to lose any weight; this is just what 8 weeks of #fitnessblender workouts in the form of FB30 did to my body. Our bodies are constantly fluctuating depending on our habits (and even other things that are outside of our control - hormones, for example) and that's completely normal. My only real goal is just feeling good, whatever that might look like. Anyways, #workoutcomplete! 

Are you guys ready for a big 2017 full of new workouts & new workout programs?