FBbooty - Booty Boot Camp Round 2 is Now Available!

We just released a brand new workout program!

By popular demand: Round TWO of #FBbooty, Fitness Blender's 4 Week Booty Boot Camp for Butt and Thighs

Using all new workout videos and a similar, highly effective strategy found in Round One, this is a booty building, butt lifting, thigh toning plan that will leave you with a killer lower body, as well as reduced body fat, improved cardiovascular endurance, increased lean muscle mass, functional strength, flexibility and balance. This 4 week plan uses 3 intense workouts a week to reshape your lower body and bring about quick changes to your overall fitness level. Strength training and HIIT are the main training styles in this program, though Pilates, Barre, yoga, stretching, and plyometrics all make appearances.

Workouts are scheduled three days a week (roughly every other day), and average out to 41 minutes a day. Dumbbells are recommended but not absolutely necessary. As an added bonus, the core (abs, obliques & lower back) is heavily engaged throughout the very dynamic exercises found in these workouts, so you will likely find that you’re seeing rapid changes in your belly fat and the tone of your midsection, as well as in your lower body. Make sure to take "before and after" photos so that you can see the difference in 4 weeks!

We encourage you to use #FBbooty on social media to track your workout sessions, share your progress, find motivation, and connect with people around the world who are following this program. 

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