2 Weeks only - New limited edition FB Workout Complete gear!

Just in time for the holidays!

2 Weeks only: Shop limited edition Fitness Blender tees, hoodies, coffee mugs & stickers 

This campaign closes December 12th.

Thanks to everyone who has ever supported FB with a purchase. Between the last two campaigns, we donated over $7000 to charity (see previous blog posts for omre info).

New HIIT cardio & abs workout goes live next Monday - make sure to subscribe to us on YouTube so that you don't miss the new workouts! 

We've also got a new workout program launching January 2017 that's unlike any program we've offered before; it's a blend of both FB30 and FBfit. Each day, you'll be provided with a 30 minute workout (like FB30) and an optional workout that allows you to bump it up to a total of 45-50 minutes (like FBfit). This way, you get to pick which workout to do each day based on how much time you have and what works best for you. I'm really excited about this program as we've never done anything like it and I think you'll really like the ability to bounce back and forth between 30-50 minute workouts, depending on what you feel like each day.

Lots of other good stuff coming in 2017 - use the comment section to share your feedback and suggestions for what you would like to see in the New Year.