I love my body - I will continue working out with Fitness Blender!

I love my body - I will continue working out with Fitness Blender!

Hey Daniel and Kelli, 

I wanted to share my fitness journey story with you! I just recently turned 35 and I've stopped and started workouts and healthy eating multiple times since I was 23, but since January of this year I have managed to stay on track with my healthy eating and fitness and I do not think I would have seen the progress or even kept with it if it hadn't been for Fitness Blender! 

In October of last year I had my first of 3 eye surgeries which overlapped with the second and left me with restrictions limiting my activities. I am also hypothyroid, during the time I was on these restrictions, unbeknownst to me my thyroid medication needed to be adjusted (I did not find out until February). So due to a combination of under-activity, under active thyroid, the holidays, and uninhibited eating I gained approximately 17lbs putting me at the heaviest I've ever been in my life.. 

On January 14, I had my husband take 3 photos of me so I could document the start of my fitness journey. Seeing those pictures really hit home just how far I'd let myself go. 

So I pushed myself harder than I ever have in my life, determined to not only lose the weight I gained, but also to get in the best shape of my life.. 

Today I took my 5 month photos and I am beyond elated with my progress! I did not take my measurements and I didn't have much of a weight goal, I have been most concerned with how I look not what I weigh, but I have lost 22lbs and have surpassed my goals! 

I love my body and myself and I will continue working out with Fitness Blender! It is the only workout program that I need! The first 8 weeks I did 2 rounds of FBSweat followed by 1 round of FB calendar workouts for people who get Bored Easily, and 2 more rounds of FB Sweat calendar which I am currently in the middle of now... 

Thank you for providing your workouts to us! They are amazing and I absolutely love them and would not be where I am physically without them! THANK YOU!