Home Workout for Lower Abs: How to Work Out your Lower Abs

The lower abdominals are a trouble zone of stubborn fat for many people. A lot people will find that even as they are getting closer to their goals weights, that abdominal fat in this area doesn’t seem to want to budge.

Spot reducing a certain body part is not possible, but a combination of regular cardio, toning exercises, and an overall reduction in body fat percentage and increase in muscle content will help get rid of flabby areas. It takes a lot of consistent effort, but it can be done.

While it can be especially hard to target those last fatty deposits, this home exercise plan can help, particularly when combined with healthy eating and regular cardio.

How to do this routine
Do each of the exercises 15 times. Do the entire routine three times through for the best results. This program should be done 2-4 times a week. These exercises can easily be done at home and all you need is a thick exercise mat.

Russian Twist

Pilates Table Top

Criss Cross Crunch

Reclined Oblique Twist

Flutter Kicks

Toe Touch Crunch

Double Leg Circles

Technically, we’ve all got a great set of abdominal muscles. Whether or not you can see those muscles is determined by how much fat you have sitting on top of them. Total body strength training, cardio, routines like the one above, living an active lifestyle, and eating a healthy diet are all key components to getting rid of unhealthy belly fat. When it comes to getting defined core muscles, you truly have to embrace all aspects of physical fitness and healthy eating in order to see any progress.



09/13/15 5:42am

How many repetitions do I do because I am a beginner at this lower body ab workout. In the section under-How to do this routine it states-do each exercise 15 times/do each routine 3 times. Do I do half of those exercises.

Karlo Garcia

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