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24 Minute Ab Blasting Interval Workout - At Home Abs Workout

24 Min • Core
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    • Training Type Low Impact, Strength Training, Toning
    • Equipment Mat, No Equipment
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    This is a quick and intensive abs workout that engages all of the muscles of your core. We have three groups of four different exercises, for a total of 12 exercises, and the whole group is done twice for a total of 24 sets of ab burning with minimal breaks. We even show you ways to modify each exercise (easier and harder) so you can challenge yourself to your personal maximum.

    Though this is a low impact core workout it will still leave those muscles tired when you are done and sore the next day. To get the most out of this routine be sure to focus on moving slowly, while trying to get a full range of motion, and for an added muscle burn, don’t let your muscles relax until your time is up for each set. If you go through this and you don’t feel that just your bodyweight is enough of a challenge, then feel free to use extra weight in the form of dumbbells, medicine ball, or a weighted vest.

    One of the main keys to building muscles that maintain their shape even when not in use is working them on a regular basis, and being sure to keep them contracted as best you can during low weight high rep workouts like this one. The more you focus on keeping them contracted the more they will expect the work which makes them tense up in anticipation of activity, basically improving muscle tone.

    Improving muscle tone is great for improving body shape, but it also improves your metabolism. All of the light contractions your muscles do in anticipation of exercise burn calories and though it is very light it can add up to hundreds of extra calories without having to do any extra work. This increased tone is great for your body but keep in mind that it is short lived. Only a week or two without exercising and your body will start to let the muscle tone go, because it no longer thinks it needs it. So, to be sure you keep your muscle tone up you need to regularly exercise to constantly remind your body and muscles that physical activity is something that it needs to expect.

    Workout Structure: (45 seconds on and 10 seconds off for each exercise.  Do each group twice through without a break before moving on to the next group)

    Group One:

    • Jackknife Crunch
    • Knee Tuck Crunch
    • Standing Dumbbell Oblique Crunch
    • Back Bow Cross Over

    Group Two:

    • Criss Cross Crunch
    • Russian Twist
    • Side Hip Raise
    • Back Bow Pull

    Group Three:

    • Toe Touch Drops
    • Reverse Crunch
    • Ab Rocker
    • Swimmers

    Calorie Info:
    This routine is slightly lower impact so it's not going to burn quite as much as some of our more intense workouts like HIIT or Strength Training but it still gets a nice calorie burn. You can expect to burn anywhere from 4 calories per minute on the low end up to 8 calories per minute on the high end.