Workout Details

  • Duration: 52 Minutes
  • Calorie Burn: 312-791
  • Difficulty: 5/5
  • Equipment: No Equipment
  • Training Type: Cardiovascular, HIIT, Toning
Body Focus Total Body

Brutal HIIT Workout - Bodyweight Only HIIT Workout to Burn Fat and Build Endurance


We know you love HIIT workouts, and we do too, but this routine is tough enough that you might just change your mind. HIIT is designed to push you to your limits with short bouts of intense full body movements so it is not intended to be done for extended periods of time. That is why we have split this 50 minute HIIT routine into three groups. The first two groups will last 15 minutes each and the last group will be 5 minutes shorter at 10 minutes, though by this point of the routine it will most likely not feel any shorter.

Each group will have a set number of exercises that we will be doing in a Tabata style of 20 seconds of activity with 10 seconds of rest. Each exercise will be done twice in a row before moving on to the next exercise. Once done with the group you will repeat it twice more for a total of 3 sets per group. At the end of the three sets you will be given a longer rest break to recover and get ready for the next group.

Remember that HIIT routines are intended to push you to your cardio threshold so when you are going through this routine remember that you are in control of how hard each exercise is. So, you can slow down or modify the exercise if you are about to burnout or you can make the exercises more difficult by moving more quickly, keeping muscles contracted even if they don’t need to be or using more explosive power with each movement to really challenge yourself.

What I am trying to say is that it does not matter if you are just getting into HIIT or you are a professional athlete, this routine - like all HIIT routines - can be modified to meet your desired level of challenge (though it should be noted that we do not recommend this workout for beginners). You are in charge so be sure to push yourself as hard as you can without having to stop; you might just be surprised what your body can do.

Workout Structure

Warm Up: (5 Minutes; 30 seconds each)
Torso Circles
Torso Rotation
Squat Push Pulls
Arm Circles
Leg Swings R
Leg Swings L
Squat Circles
Up and Outs
Boxer Shuffle
Jumping Jack

Printable HIIT Workout: (42 Minutes) Each exercise is done twice in a row in a 20 on 10 off pattern and the whole group is repeated three times each.

Group One (15 Minutes)
-Jumping Jack
-Pop Squats
-Jumping Lunges
-High Knees

Group Two (15 Minutes)
-Front Jack
-Walk Down Push Up
-Rocket Squats
-Mt. Climbers
-Side Lunge Pop (L&R)

Group Three (12 Minutes)
-Push Up Knee Up
-Squat Jacks
-Side Plank with Toe Touch (L&R)
-Star Jumps

Cooldown: (5 Minutes; 30 seconds each)
Boxer Shuffle
Toe Touch 
Inside Thigh with Reach L
Inside Thigh with Reach R
Seated Torso Rotation L
Seated Torso Rotation R
Deep Glute L
Deep Glute R

Calorie Count
This is a HIIT routine so our calorie burn can get very high but it will still vary by the individual. You can expect to burn around 5 calories per minute on the low end and around 15 calories per minute on the high end including the warm up and cool down. This gives you a total calorie burn of 272 to 791 calories for this 52 minute workout.