Full Body Workout without Weights - At Home Cardio Workout

This At Home Cardio Workout is comprised of bodyweight exercises that don’t require any equipment.

Here's what you will need:
• A good pair of shoes to absorb the impact of cardio
• A thick exercise mat
• Music that keeps you motivated!

This full body routine will not result in size gain; instead it increases your cardiovascular fitness and blasts calories. It’s a combination of speed-increasing plyometric jumps, glute toning lower body moves, and waist slimming oblique exercises.

Prefer watching videos? Our workout videos are full length, free, and as good as having a personal trainer with you in your living room.

How to do this routine
Do 1 minute of each cardio exercise, with 30 seconds of rest in between each move. If you need to stop and rest in the middle of one of the exercises, do so but go directly back into the move to complete the rest of the minute.

2 Minute Warm Up (march in place, walk, etc)

Broad Jumps

Agility Dots

Jumping Oblique Twist

Crisscross Crunch

Jumping Jacks

Lateral Jumps

Squat Jumps

Cool Down and Stretch

Depending on your fitness level, you may not be able to complete a full minute of each exercise without rest. It’s ok to stop when/if you need to, but go right back into the motion as soon as you can to complete the full minute. The goal is to build up your cardiovascular fitness enough to be able to do the Full Body Workout without Weights with no breaks during the 1 minute long exercise intervals.

Do this routine twice through for a program that is roughly 23 minutes long. For a 150 pound person, that burns roughly 235 calories!

Weaving short sessions of cardio like this one throughout your day results not only in a significant sum of calories burned, but also a boost in the body’s metabolic rate. If you want to burn more calories, even while you sit in front of the computer screen, do this routine two to three times throughout your day. The incremental workouts add up to more calories burned than if you had done the same amount of cardio in one fell swoop.