Finished FB Burn + Strong Progress Pics

Finished FB Burn + Strong Progress Pics

This is not the first time I'm posting. I just love sharing my results and experience with FB programs. :)

I started FB Burn on March 11 (right before I took the picture on the left) then started FB strong around mid-April and finished a couple days ago. So that's 2 months total of FB workouts, flexible dieting, and about a month of intermittent fasting.

Thank god I took the before pictures. I would have never noticed the difference until I looked at my progress pictures side by side.

My waist, hips, and thighs reduced in size and my arms are much more toned now. Both pictures are at the same weight of around 66-68kgs (I'm 5"2 for your reference).

If I regret anything it's that I wished I bought the programs sooner. The calendar really helped with discipline and also spared me the time of figuring out what to do next.

Thanks Daniel and Kelli! Sorry for cursing at you during the lifting sessions!! Lol."

Jasmin originally shared her story here, in our Community forums. We also have a Before & After Stories category in the forums now! We loved Jasmin's advice for people looking to start into healthy habits: "I would like to add that a healthy mindset and a good relationship with food are also important! Don't ever think to starve yourself the next day for eating that piece of cake. Jump right back to your routine and be patient with yourself and be consistent. :) " She's right. Diet and exercise should never be used as punishment and being willing to bounce back guilt-free from slip ups is a great way to ensure you stay positive and on track. Moderation & flexibility in approach is so important.

Thanks to Jasmine for sharing her experience!