Agility and Speed Training Workouts - Speed and Agility Drills for Sports

When training for competitive sports, speed and agility drills are great functional training tools that can help increase your competitive edge. Building strength, control, speed, and a quick reaction time are all parts of agility on the field or court that need to be addressed. Functional training is the best way to train the body for a sport, as it has direct application to the type of movements performed during competition.

The following is a two-day agility and speed training workout program that can be used in various physically demanding sports, such as; soccer, basketball, football, field hockey, volleyball, tennis, rugby, and many more.

Agility and Speed Training Workouts

Day One (Strength)

Warm Up (10 -15 minutes of any kind of light cardio)

Cycle 1
Complete 3 sets of these three exercises with their corresponding repetitions:
-Side Plank with Leg Raise (L&R) - 12 reps
-Clock Lunge (L&R) - 3 reps
-Side Hip Raise (L&R) - 12 reps

Cycle 2
This cycle is done in a “ladder” progression, starting with 5 repetitions and decreasing by 1 rep each set until you reach one repetition for one cycle. Complete 3-5 cycles. This speed and agility drill is best if done with a partner; one person rests while the other person does the repetitions, then switch. If done alone, rest only as long as it takes to do the last completed repetitions (for example; do 5 reps, take 5 reps worth of rest, do 4 reps, take 4 reps worth of rest, and so on until you reach 1 rep).
-Squat Jacks
-Jack Knife Crunch
-Jump Squat
-Windshield Wipers
-Crossover Lunge
-Back Bow Crossovers
-Flutter Kicks

Cool Down - Stretching

Day Two (Balance and Speed)

Warm Up (10-15 minutes of any kind of light cardio)

Cycle 1
Tabata (20 seconds on 10 seconds off); complete each exercise for 2 minutes using the Tabata timing technique; do each exercise just once through. Take 10-90 seconds rest between exercises.
-Mountain Climbers
-Captain Morgan
-Agility Dots
-Single Leg Ventral Hops (L&R)
-Single Leg Lateral Hops (L&R)
-Knee Tuck Jumps
-Russian Twist
-Broad Jumps
-Lateral Jumps

Cool Down – Stretching

This is a great sports conditioning workout that can be used for preseason training or training during the season. You should only use each day of the drills once or twice per week.


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