Back Bow Crossover (Lv 1)

Exercise Instructions

Lie facedown on a mat, arms and legs extended to make a straight line. Place an object (such as a dumbbell or yoga block) on floor above head at arm’s length. Rest both hands to the left of the object so your body makes an arch to the left.
Contract your core muscles and lift your arms and legs up and over in an exaggerated arch to the right.
Slowly lower hands on the right side of the object. Let both hands and feet touch the ground momentarily, before making an arch to return to the left.
Continue lifting up and over your object until you have competed a set number of repetitions or a set time period. One arch in each direction is one repetition.

Exercise Purpose

This low impact move is a great core exercise that not only strengthens and tones the lower back and obliques but also incorporates the shoulders, butt, and thighs. This is a challenging lower lumbar exercise that builds strength and burns many calories due to all of the large muscle groups involved. It is ideal for a home core workout and can be made harder simply by picking a taller object to move your arms over.


dendij Blender Account

how much time or how many repetitions you have to do?

kcink01 Blender Account

How many reps should you do and if you are putting together an abd workout how long should it many times a week should the workout be done?

carizle Blender Account

oh my. those glutes!

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