Workout Details

  • Duration: 15 Minutes
  • Calorie Burn: 168-252
  • Difficulty: 5/5
  • Equipment: No Equipment
  • Training Type: Cardiovascular, HIIT, Plyometric, Toning
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When I Say Jump HIIT Cardio - Fun, Brutal Bodyweight Workout

This is another installment of our popular “When I Say Jump” HIIT workouts. If you have never done one of these workouts with us before here is how it works; we will be doing 10 different exercises for 50 seconds each with a 30 second break in between exercises. During each exercise we will give either a “Down” command or a “Jump” command depending on the exercise.

When you hear us say "Jump" you will stop the exercise you are doing and jump upward as hard as you can then immediately go back into the exercise you were just doing. If we say "Down", you will have to drop down to a push up position (High Plank) then again get back up as quickly as you can. Each exercise will either be coupled with a jump or a down but not both.

Each exercise by itself is intended to tax your cardiovascular threshold to its maximum in each 50 second round. When you put a quick jump or plank in on top of that difficult exercise it almost feels like a break (aka still hurts just gives you a different kind of burn).

This routine is intended to be done straight through with only the given breaks, however if you need more of a rest between exercises to be able to put forth more effort per exercise then feel free to pause the workout and allow as much rest as you need before moving on.

Though this When I Say Jump workout is short it can easily be used as a stand-alone work out when put with a proper warm up and cool down, especially if you are short on time. If you want you can couple this routine with others to get a longer workout however if you are trying to burn the most calories (specifically if you are trying to focus on fat loss) we would suggest doing this workout twice in a day, one morning and one evening, or coupling it with another routine of ours with a similar intensity level, again using one in the morning and one in the evening. The reason behind this is the metabolic disturbance that these types of workouts create.

After completing this routine your metabolism (the number of calories your body burns, for a very simple interpretation) increases slightly above its normal levels for up to 48 hours (some research argues time periods even longer than that) giving you an extra calorie burn without doing any extra work. By doing two workouts like this in a single day you actually give your metabolism a second bump so you burn even more.

Just be careful not to do this type of a routine (this high of an intensity level) too many times in a week. Doing more than 4 days of a workout like this one (high impact, HIIT) can actually cause stress injuries; slowing your progress or even setting you back due to the time required to heal up if an injury does occur.

Because of the nature of this workout, style, and exercises used, this routine can easily burn up to 12 calories per minute on the low end and up to 18 calories per minute on the high end. That kind of a per minute calorie burn would easily give you a 168 to 252 total calorie burn in just 14 minutes.

Exercises in this routine
Mt. Climbers - Up
Star Jumps - Down
Push Ups - Up
Jumping Lunges - Down
Static Squats - Up
High Knees - Down
Plank to Push Ups - Up
Squat Jacks - Down
Static Planks - Up
Knee Tuck Jumps - Down