Upper Body Strength Supersets with Cardio Interval Burnouts

29 Min • Upper Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT, Low Impact, Strength Training
    • Equipment Dumbbell


    This upper body workout is action-packed and will be over before you know it. In under 30 minutes, you’ll power through 6 strength exercises and 3 cardio burnouts (plus a warm-up and cool-down!) for an all-around upper body workout…with a side of cardio.

    We move through strength supersets targeting all major muscle groups of the upper body. Each superset has one exercise that focuses on “pulling” and the other on “pushing.” Structuring the workout this way allows us to work opposing muscle groups so we can maximize the weight/reps we can do on each exercise. Try to push for heavier (for you) weights during your strength supersets: aim for a weight that you can complete an exercise for 45 seconds, but are feeling fatigued by the end.

    And now I bet you’re wondering where the burnout rounds come in! These fun 60 second bursts are positioned at the end of each superset and meant to serve as a little “finisher” before moving on. It’ll be a combination movement to get the heart rate up as well as fatigue the arms. These can be completed with bodyweight or light weights for added challenge. The good news: each burnout exercise is only completed one time!

    One piece of terminology you may not be familiar with:

    • SSD: Refers to “single single double” 
    • SSD Rows: Perform 1 row on each arm before performing a 2-arm row
    • SSD Tricep Kickbacks: Perform 1 kickback on each arm before performing a 2-arm kickback

    This workout is designed to be scalable to most fitness levels. In fact, I’m filming this in my second trimester of pregnancy! You can easily increase weight and speed to add intensity, or vice versa. Likewise, the burnout cardio movements can be altered to be low-impact or high-impact. 

    My hope is that you walk away from this workout feeling strong and energized. Make it your own and have fun!

    Printable Workout

    Warm-up (4:00) - 8 exercises; 30 seconds each

    Boxer Shuffle
    Overhead & Cross Reaches
    Standing Pull-downs
    Cross Toe Reaches
    Bodyweight Arnold Press
    Squat Push-Pull
    Jumping Jacks

    Workout (15:00) - Complete each strength superset for 2 rounds of 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest. Rest 30 seconds and complete the burnout exercise for 1 round of 60 seconds.

    Strength Superset 1

    SSD Row
    Push Press

    Burnout (60 sec): Side Squat with Jab


    Strength Superset 2

    SSD Tricep Kickback
    Top/Down Bicep Curl

    Burnout (60 sec): Running Man (switch sides every 4)

    Strength Superset 3
    Push-up with Shoulder Tap
    Reverse Fly

    Burnout (60 sec): Squat Jack to Press Jack


    Cool-down (4:00) - 8 exercises; 30 seconds each

    Neck Circles
    Wall Chest Opener - R
    Wall Chest Opener - L
    Standing Shoulder Stretch - R
    Overhead Tricep Stretch - R
    Standing Shoulder Stretch - L
    Overhead Tricep Stretch - L
    Standing Lat Pulls, alternating