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Upper Body Strength and Cardio Workout - Upper Body Superset Workout

27 Min • Upper Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, Strength Training
    • Equipment Bench, Dumbbell
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    Getting in a strength training routine can seem to be almost impossible when you don't have much time. Getting all your sets done, properly fatiguing the muscles you want to focus on, and giving yourself the appropriate amount of rest in between sets can take up a lot of your free time. So what do you do if you don't have the time to spare?  Well… Supersets of course.

    By using supersetting techniques in your strength program you can essentially cut out a large portion of the resting time needed in a traditional muscle building routine thus saving time and still geting an effective strength workout.  I personally have never liked traditional strength training because of the time commitment and have done almost nothing but superset programs to save myself time and the boredom of having to sit and wait up to 5 minutes between sets. Now, I know that technically, focusing on one muscle group at a time and giving your body a long duration to recover before doing to the next set is supposed to give you faster results when trying to build muscle mass and strength, but since I have never been the type to want arms bigger than my head nor have I been the type to want to spend hours in the gym sitting and waiting, wasting valuable free time I have opted for slightly less effective mass building for less time in the gym.

    I have always preferred my non-play workouts to be quick and intense so I can move on to something more enjoyable like going on a hike, or working in my vegetable garden if I still want to exercise; or hit lazy mode and enjoy drinking a beer on the couch with my wife while watching a movie. So with that in mind (especially the last one) I use the most time effective way I can think of to get my workouts done.

    This video is no exception as we have not only build a superset workout for strength but we have also added in a cardio component to keep your heart rate up burning more calories and turning the entire workout into a medium intensity cardiovascular workout.

    This is how the program works, after a quick warm up we have three groups of two strength exercises (focusing on opposing muscle groups) and a round of jumping jacks. Each group is done twice through before moving to the next group.

    When done, you will have targeted all of the major muscles in the upper body and then some. The workout is finished off with a quick cool down stretch, giving you a complete exercise routine in under 30 minutes from start to finish.

    Program Setup

    Warm Up:

    • Mock Curl and Tricep Extension
    • Push Pull Front
    • Push Pull Up
    • Arm Circles, Large
    • 1/2 Push Up
    • Bent Over Fly
    • Overhead Press and Tricep Extension
    • Bicep Curl


    Group 1

    • 10 Reps - Chest Press
    • 10 Reps - Bent Over Close Row
    • 40 Reps - Jumping Jack

    Group 2

    • 10 Reps - Tricep Dips with Weight
    • 10 Reps - Hammer Curl
    • 40 Reps - Jumping Jack

    Group 3

    • 10 Reps - Ventral Raise
    • 10 Reps - Pull Over
    • 40 Reps - Jumping Jack

    Cool Down:

    • Wall Chest Stretch
    • Tricep Stretch
    • Arm Cross Stretch
    • Torso Circles
    • Forearm Stretch
    • Wall Shoulder Stretch
    • Front Shoulder Stretch